What is SLEAP?

SLEAP is a voluntary organisation set up in 1992 as a response to the increasing numbers of young people finding themselves homeless in the Leyland area. Originally called the Leyland Churches Homeless Project it was renamed SLEAP and became a registered charity in November, 1995

Who does SLEAP help?

Single, homeless young people between the ages of 16 and 25.


How long can someone stay on SLEAP?

Can be as short a period as 1 night on SLEAP's Emergency Scheme up to a period of 2 years on SLEAP's Supported Lodgings Scheme.

Who are the Host Families?

SLEAP recruits families from the South Ribble, Chorley, Preston and West Lancashire areas. They provide a safe and caring environment for each Young Person to stay in. Although not trained counsellors, Hosts will be happy to talk or listen to each Young Person. (All Hosts are police checked).

How do I get to the Host Family?

The Young Person is usually taken to the family at an arranged time. Further arrangements are agreed directly with the Hosts including the time to leave in the morning.

What does SLEAP do?

SLEAP provides short-term emergency accommodation for homeless Young People in Host Family homes.

Is there anyone SLEAP won't take?

Anyone with a record of violence, arson, sexual offences, severe psychiatric illness, or serious drug addiction.


How do you contact SLEAP?

Contact can be made through other agencies such as KEY, Local Housing Associations, Social Services, or the Youth & Community Service. Alternatively, SLEAP may be contacted directly on the given mobile telephone number.

What does a Host Family provide?

A bed for the night with breakfast and evening meal. A shower/bath may be available and the offer of clothes being washed. Young People would not be asked for any payments.


SLEAP is supported by Lancashire County Council Supporting People Team, and from gifts and donations from individuals and groups in the local community.