Our Mission:

Providing a safe home with a helping hand for a confident future.

Our Values:

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We believe that everyone has different strengths, talents, interests and skills. We encourage people to recognise their potential, to explore options, to think for themselves and to strive to become the best versions of who they are.

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We promote confidence, persistence and resilience. Hope provides optimism and a confident expectation of positive outcomes. It is not about simply willing something to happen, but it is about a positive attitude to not giving up on anyone.

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We believe that everyone is different, but everyone has the same value and worth. Everyone is therefore, deserving of the same respect. It is too easy to write people off rather than seeing them for whom they are.

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We see the need and suffering of those around us and feel motivated to act so that we can alleviate and prevent it. We believe in going out of our way to help, with sensitivity, perseverance and warmth.

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We are accountable for our work and resources and so we always seek to improve what we do. We keep high standards, an open mind to learning and an eagerness to grow.


We encourage people to fulfil their potential