At times we all need an extra helping hand. Moving4ward is about avoiding becoming homeless and also building up your skills and confidence so you can succeed as an independent young adult. You may already have your own place but just want a bit of help to make sure you don’t risk losing it because things got a bit out of hand. Or you may live with family or friends and want some help sorting out a few things so you can get on with your plans. Sometimes, you just want someone to point you in the right direction of where to find what you need. The support you will get will depend on what you want help with. Whatever that might be, you will always get friendly and supportive SLEAP staff who will not judge but will work with you, at your own pace.another pic

 You might want help with:                                               

  • Benefits and paying for rent
  • Writing a CV and applying for a job
  • Getting back into education or work experience
  • Managing your money and budgeting
  • Chatting about feelings and managing emotions
  • Finding out where to get help with doctors appointments
  • Getting referred to other services
  • Finding your own accommodation
  • Accessing furniture or household items

If you would like to find out more about it or how you or someone else can get on Moving4ward, just contact us.

jasmin in a fieldJasmine's Story

Jasmine moved into a flat with her own tenancy and was finding it difficult to manage her money. Jasmine was struggling to pay her bills on time and was continually short of food and toiletries. These struggles made it hard for Jasmine to look after herself and stay healthy. Jasmine also began to feel quite isolated as she had to get used to living alone and had very little contact with family and friends.
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