jasminJasmine moved into a flat with her own tenancy and was finding it difficult to manage her money. Jasmine was struggling to pay her bills on time and was continually short of food and toiletries. These struggles made it hard for Jasmine to look after herself and stay healthy. Jasmine also began to feel quite isolated as she had to get used to living alone and had very little contact with family and friends.

Jasmine came across the Moving4Ward service through a friend who had previously been supported by SLEAP. Jasmine decided to contact SLEAP to see if they could help her.

SLEAP staff were able to help Jasmine with her immediate needs through the Crisis Support Service by providing her with some food and toiletries. Jasmine was allocated a support worker who met with her regularly and offered support with money management and budgeting. Jasmine was also helped to set up direct debits so she could keep on top of paying her bills.

Jasmine didn’t like going to the job centre on her own so Jasmine’s support worker agreed to attend any appointments with her and liaised with the job centre staff when needed.

Jasmine joined SLEAP Buzz where she was able to attend different activities and make new friends. Because of this, Jasmine’s confidence and self-esteem began to increase.

Jasmine is now managing her income well, paying all her bills on time and eating healthily by planning out a weekly shop. Jasmine feels a lot better about herself and has new friends that she keeps in touch with.

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