Supported Lodgings

bedroom mugWhen staying in supported lodgings you have your own bedroom within a family home. This means that although you are independent, there is always someone around to talk to. The host family will provide support with practical skills like cooking and using a washing machine. They are ‘normal’ people who have a DBS and have had training from SLEAP.

When you move in, you talk about what things you like and don’t like. You get to agree on who does what and when, like eating meals together or sometimes doing your own cooking.

You will also get a support worker from SLEAP to help you sort out your money and anything else you decide you would like help with. When you are ready, they will help you prepare for your next step whether that is moving back with family, a friend or getting your own accommodation. Supported lodgings gives you ‘a break’, it gives you the time to sort out what you need, to grow in confidence, plan for the future and go for it.

If you would like to find out more about it, or you want to know how you or someone else can get onto supported lodgings, just contact us.

shaun leaning against a doorShaun's Story

Shaun moved onto supported lodgings after being told to leave home. Shaun had nowhere to live. He had no income, no job and was not on any benefits. When Shaun came onto supported lodgings, his support worker helped him apply for Income Support and Housing Benefit which covered his full rent for supported lodgings.
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