Life’s a bit easier when you’ve got someone to talk to.

The way we feel about life, what’s going on around us or even ourselves can change for lots of reasons. At times we all need a little help. SLEAP are here to support you every step of the way. Because we know everyone is different, we don’t make you go for the ‘one size fits all’ approach. We offer a range of different sessions for you to choose from in order to ensure that you receive the support that best suits you.

Wellbeing sessions

Maybe you just need a chat...

Our wellbeing sessions are a chance for you to talk things through and have a chat to someone about how things are going. This might be just going for a walk, meeting for coffee or even just having a chat over the phone.

Counselling Sessions

Maybe you would like support that is a bit more structured...

Counselling provides an opportunity for you to talk about any problems, challenges and feelings in a safe confidential environment. The therapy offered at THRIVE is Person Centred Counselling, this means that we will listen to you with respect and without judgement.  The Counsellor isn’t there to tell you what to do or what to talk about but they will help you explore your thoughts and feelings and give you a safe space to work through any struggles that you might be facing in your life.

Group sessions

Maybe you would like to be with others that get what you’re going through...

We will have more information about the group sessions very soon. Watch this space!

Get in touch

To find out more information or to access this support, you can ring us on 01772 623603. We’re a friendly bunch and are happy to chat and tell you more about it.

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