shaun2Shaun moved onto supported lodgings after being told to leave home. Shaun had no-where to live. He had no income, no job and was not on any benefits.

When Shaun came onto supported lodgings, his support worker helped him apply for Income Support and Housing Benefit which covered his full rent for supported lodgings.

Shaun was already attending college so SLEAP helped him to apply to college for a bursary, plus free college lunches and a bus pass. All this helped Shaun feel less worried about how he was going to manage and meant that he could focus on his studies. 

After completing his college course, Shaun decided he wanted to look for paid work. With the help of his support worker Shaun got on with writing his CV and applying for jobs. Within 4 weeks Shaun had gained full time paid employment.

Once Shaun had saved up some money and he was feeling confident about his future, he decided he was ready to move. With the help from his support worker Shaun moved out of supported lodgings and successfully moved into shared accommodation.



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