Since the 19th March SLEAP has been working remotely, after closing the office. 

The young people on Supported Lodgings have been self-isolating with their host families and following all the social distancing rules. Meanwhile, our team has been very busy as the crisis support has been more needed than ever. Our support workers have been distributing food parcels and other essentials to young people and families in the community. The referrals keep coming in asking for help as so many are struggling with money issues, debts, sorting benefits, or accessing medical help.

It is hard to plan for the future when the ‘right now’ seems so strange and uneasy. That is what is affecting many young people who are struggling with isolation and missing seeing others face-to-face. The SLEAP team has been keeping in touch regularly by phone or online with everyone to make sure all are okay and they have plenty of suggestions of things to keep busy and healthy. We confess that we too can’t wait for it to be safe for us all to get together again and seeing each other face to face.