robertRobert was 17 years old when he came on to supported lodgings. Robert previously lived with his mum and dad but had to leave his home due to a family breakdown.

Before Robert moved into his new home on supported lodgings, he met up with a host family and support worker from SLEAP. This gave Robert the opportunity to meet the people he would be living with and ask any questions or talk through any worries he might have.

Once Robert moved onto supported lodgings, his support worker helped him to apply for benefits and liaised with college to help him get a bursary.

During the initial few weeks that Robert was on supported lodgings, Robert’s host family made him feel welcome, ensuring that he had everything he needed. They helped him to get used to the area by showing him where to catch the bus from and how to get to the local shops.

SLEAP staff supported Robert to apply for funding for a new bike and a helmet. The application for funding was successful and this meant Robert could use his bike to attend college. It also helped him to feel healthier both physically and mentally.

SLEAP offered weekly support sessions looking specifically at health and hygiene skills, money management, budgeting skills and emotional health to help Robert prepare for independent living.

Supported Lodgings gave Robert the space to work through issues with his family and things went so well that after Robert had completed his college course he went back home to live with his Mum and Dad.

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